Ayala Museum Virtual Field Trip

The first live and interactive virtual museum field trip for kids in the Philippines!

The Ayala Museum Virtual Field Trip provides online tours for Grade 4

to 6 students to explore different places in the Philippines and understand their importance in History.

Facilitated by live tour guides, go on virtual visits, learn more about the museum collection, and have fun along the way!

With your choice of tour theme, you can go on different adventures:

  • TRADE AND SHOPPING: Visit sites of contact and trade from pre-colonial times.
  • A VISIT TO OLD MANILA: Look back and see what life was like in the city during the 19th century.
  • THE ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE: Map out key places and events that led to the proclamation of Philippine Independence from Spain.
  • RIZAL'S CHILDHOOD & EARLY EDUCTION: Learn about Rizal’s experiences and achievements as a child and a student in Manila.
  • RIZAL'S TRAVELS & LEGACY: Retrace Rizal's footsteps in his travels to other countries and remember his legacy as a hero.

Field Trip package includes:

  • Virtual tour to be facilitated by Ayala Museum staff members
  • Access to featured Ayala Museum collection. All rights and permits already covered
  • User-friendly platforms
  • Interactive and inclusive student engagement through tactile experiences
  • MELC-aligned and ready content

Interested to book a tour for your school? For rates and additional guidelines, fill out our pre-booking form below.

Only one representative from each school should answer the form. Field trip schedules will be booked on a first come, first served basis.

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