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Group Tours

Customize your class’ learning experience through the tour supplement options below. Analyze and understand the stories behind the exhibitions in a language that is relatable to each respective grade level.


*check out the complete list on this link.


Group Tours, Field Trips and School Activities:

Tour operators, schools and other institutions may arrange facilitated field trips to Ayala Museum by booking with our Tours Department through (632) 759 8288 local 8272, 8293 or 8298 / Bookings should be made at least a week in advance. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BOOKING FORM.


Guided Tours

Groups of up to 20 pax who wish to book a guide are requested to coordinate with our Tours staff at (632) 759 82 88 local 8272, 8293 or 8298 / at least 3 days before visit.

Fee is Php 100 per head on top of admission fees.



1. Written Tour Supplements | All Grade Levels

Download written tour supplement trip sheets, tour booklets, modules and teacher’s guides to help enhance the learning experience before, during and after a visit in the Ayala Museum. Each of these downloadable learning tools made use of the collection of the museum as well as the DepEd K-12 curriculum as anchor points for teachers and students to freely construct their insights about the history, culture and art of the Philippines.

Click on the links below to download the tools:

  1.  One Hour Trip Sheet | Grades 4-6
    • Maximize your day in the museum using this exploration guide. Look at the highlighted objects and understand the story behind each of them even under a limited time.

  2. Half-Day Exploration Guide | Grades 3-5
    • Gain a deeper understanding of art by downloading the half-day guide to find highlightedpieces and more in depth information about each of them.

  3. Exhibition Specific Booklet | Grades 1-4
    • Use this booklet to integrate the Art and the Order exhibition with learning objectives set for early grades. 
  4. Teacher’s Curriculum Guide | Grades 4-6
    • Use the Ayala Museum collection as a teaching tool. Aligned with the Philippine DepEd K-12 Curriculum, check the subject and topic that can be discussed during your field trip.

2. Audio Guide for Kids | Grade 2-4

Make history fun with kids by renting out our audio guides or download the app for free!

The tracks on the audio guide highlights the important events that happened in the history of the Philippines through the use of the Diorama Experience exhibition through an exciting game!

Download the App through the App Store or Google Play

3.Themed Tours for Group Tours | All Grade Levels

Contact our tours staff by emailing to book a themed tour of your choice led by our trained museum education staff. Each tour is recommended for an hour or two.

Know more about the interaction, economic, cultural, religious, and political relationships and practices formed and shared by early Filipinos within their own communities and through trade partnerships with foreign countries.

Remember the similarities and differences in the experience of the Filipino and the figures that emerged to fight for freedom and independence under the hands of the Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese. 

Understand how recent events in our history shape Philippine nationhood

Learn how to look, observe, and see the details of paintings that are part of the collection and the exhibitions in the Ayala Museum.