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Territory: Gus Albor – Works from 1969-2018

Posted by ayalamuseum on November 26, 2018

49 Years of Art: Gus Albor at the Ayala Museum On November 27, 2018 the Ayala Museum will host an outstanding exhibition of the works from renowned Filipino minimalist artist Gus Albor. Entitled Territory, the exhibition showcases his body of work from 1969 – 2018. “It takes a second to get inspired, but it takes […]

Fujian Ware Found in the Philippines

Posted by ayalamuseum on September 5, 2017

Ayala Museum and Oriental Ceramics Society of the Philippines present Fujian Ware Found in the Philippines Song – Yuan Period | 11th – 14th Century Fujian ware from the Song – Yuan period, 11th – 14th century, exported to the Philippine islands 700 – 900 years ago, are the most telling witnesses of the active […]