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AVES | Ayala Museum Collection

17 May – 8 July 2018

3F Glass Lane and Crosstairs


Birds often appear as decorative elements in art and design. They can also be the main subject of drawings, prints, paintings, or even three-dimensional works by visual artists and craftsmen who need to express their artistic creativity through colours and intricate shapes and forms that these living creatures provide.

In the field of taxonomic nomenclature, animals are painstakingly drawn and interpreted using art to capture the exact details of faunal species for scientific identification and documentation. Here is where art and science are put to good use for the benefit of humanity.

 AVES showcases a selection of ornithological watercolor renditions and objects from the Ayala Museum Collection. Originally used as references of bird species found in the Philippine archipelago, these scientific plates now serve as artistic evidences as to how bio-diverse the country is.



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