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Pelikula: Talks on Philippine Cinema with Nick Deocampo


Ayala Museum presents

Talks on Philippine Cinema with Nick Deocampo

P300 Regular
P270 Student, Member, AGC
P800 Season Pass

June 11, 2016 Saturday | 3PM
Iyakan at Sampalan:  Melodrama in Philippine Cinema
Melodrama is the “queen” of Filipino movie genres. It has dominated and permeated almost all mainstream cinematic forms ever known in the country. But a movie genre can only result from the habitual patronage by movie viewers of familiar story patterns and character types, resulting to a reciprocal relation between film artist and audience. Re-acquaint yourself with the familiar. By knowing your villains and martyrs in Filipino movies, get to know the society that breeds their reality.

June 18, 2016 Saturday | 3PM
Bayani at Kaaway: Historical Film in Philippine Cinema
The historical film comes closest to mirroring Philippine history. Heroes and traitors come alive as conflicts spark the screen and reenact moments of great social relevance to us Filipinos. From biopics about Rizal and Bonifacio to Heneral Luna and the common indio, movies become bearers of our memories as a people. This way, too, historical movies become narratives of our nationhood.

June 25, 2016 Saturday | 3PM
Mainstream vs Indie: Philippine Cinema at the Crossroads
The debate is on! Mainstream or indie? Which way forward for Philippine cinema? Find out the relations between commercial cinema and independent filmmaking. Where do they merge, how do they differ? In the age of Digital Technology, is there a way out from this binary opposition and what other alternative filmic expressions are there for cinema to assume in the Philippines?

About the speaker
Nick Deocampo is a multi-awarded filmmaker, writer, educator, and currently an associate professor at the U.P. Film Institute, College of Mass Communication at U.P. Diliman.

Deocampo graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines (UP) in 1981. He studied filmmaking in Paris, France as a French Government scholar. Under a Fulbright Scholarship Grant, Deocampo earned his Master of Arts degree in Cinema Studies at the New York University in 1989. He has written prizewinning books on Philippine cinema.

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