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A Taste of Gutai: Lito and Kim Camacho Collection

Ayala Museum presents

A Taste of Gutai
Lito and Kim Camacho Collection

Held in partnership with

Mitsubishi Corporation

with special participation of

The Japan Foundation, Manila

Sony Philippines

Exhibition Duration:   February 5 – April 10, 2016
Exhibition Location:    Ground Floor Gallery

Featured artists:

Jiro Yoshihara | Kazuo Shiraga | Yuko Nasaka | Shozo Shimamoto | Yasuo Sumi | Senkichiro Nasaka | Akira Kanayama | Atsuko Tanaka | Sadaharu Horio | Sadamasa Motonaga | Tsuyoshi Maekawa | Seiko Kanno | Saburo Murakami | Takesada Matsutani | Keiko Moriuchi


Ayala Museum, in partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation, with special participation of The Japan Foundation, Manila and Sony Philippines, proudly presents its opening exhibition for 2016 entitled A Taste of Gutai under the Collectors Series program.

This exhibition pays homage to Gutai, a Japanese art movement defined by a radical and energetic approach to artmaking that encompassed performance, painting, installation, and theatrical events, anticipating what would soon be popular movements in contemporary art following Abstract Expressionism.

Scheduled to open in time with Art Fair Philippines, the annual celebration of contemporary art in the Philippines and the region, A Taste of Gutai includes over eighty paintings and sculptures by members of Gutai who made use of unconventional, highly physical techniques such as painting with feet, wrestling in cement and gravel, and deploying paint from elevated surfaces and cannons to create art. Later on, they also created works using sound, space, light, and performance, and would often stage them in public or in the presence of the media to spread their ideas across the globe.

Founded by Jiro Yoshihara, the Gutai movement was composed of artists based in the Kansai region whose works caught the attention of artists and art critics outside of Kansai, and subsequently led to major Gutai exhibitions in Tokyo, Europe, and America. They also collaborated with other artists’ groups in Europe and America, including Allan Kaprow’s Happenings, the Art Informel group, and the Dutch Nul collective.

The objects on display in A Taste of Gutai were loaned from the private collection of Lito and Kim Camacho and the exhibition is held under the Collectors Series program. Through Collectors Series, Ayala Museum is able to showcase several works, which have not been publicly displayed. Private collections are personal narratives of the fascination, passion and persistence shown by individuals towards a particular artist. Their personal holdings embody certain aspects in the development and evolution in the artist’s practice, and expand the discussion and understanding of modern and contemporary art here and abroad.

For more information, email or call (632) 759 82 88.

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