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Gerardo Diego and Julio Palacios in the Philippines: Chronicles of a Journey


Instituto Cervantes Manila, The Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, Ayala Museum, and Fundacion Gerardo Diego present

Gerardo Diego and Julio Palacios in the Philippines: CHRONICLES OF A JOURNEY

Exhibition duration: September 30 to October 27, 2015
Second Floor Function Room, Ayala Museum
For the very first time, the Instituto Cervantes of Manila, Embassy of Spain, Ayala Museum, Fundación Gerardo Diego, with support of FormaLighting and Vivanco present the exhibition Gerardo Diego and Julio Palacios in the Philippines: Chronicles of a Journey. Curated by Ariana H. Valladares, this exhibition is presented in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the first Cultural Embassy between Spain and the Philippines after the Paris Treaty was signed.

In 1935, Spain’s poet Gerardo Diego and scientist Julio Palacios visited the Philippines. They were sent by the Government of Spain as a cultural mission, with the main purpose of delivering a series of master lectures at the University of the Philippines and the University of Sto. Tomas. These served as a sign of affection and friendship of Spain towards its former colony.

During that trip, “Professor Diego and Professor Palacios not only enjoyed and were part of the vibrant cultural scene of Manila but also witnessed that moment of great importance for the formation of the Filipino identity: the approval of the 1935 Constitution,” said  the curator. Iloilo, Negros, Cebu, Zamboanga, and North Luzon were also visited by the cultural envoys before leaving for Spain.

The exhibition offers Filipinos and visitors the chance to embark on a journey to the Philippines at the 1930’s through the impressions of these two Spanish masterminds. These are reflected in a selection of documents, press clippings, audio recorded and photographs from Fundación Gerardo, together with extra materials about Manila and the Islands at that time from different sources.

“The briefs of Gerardo Diego and Julio Palacios together with the press of the time described everything they saw, heard and experienced along the journey. These Chronicles serve as our guide through the exhibition,” added the curator.


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