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Giyera: War in the Eyes of Maestro Amorsolo


Ayala Museum presents


4 August to 11 October 2015
Ground Floor Gallery

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Manila, Ayala Museum presents this exhibition of Fernando Amorsolo paintings from the war years, on loan from several public and private collections.

Fernando C. Amorsolo (1892 – 1972), who received the first National Artist Award in the Philippines, was a first-person witness to the everyday sites, scenes, and events that took place in Manila during World War II.  Afraid for the safety of his family, he sent them to a rented house on Raon Street while he remained in their home on Azcarraga Street. From his window, he saw and experienced the destruction and brutality of war.

With pencil, pen, and paintbrush, the Maestro, how his students and other artists addressed him, was able to depict and create art out of the chaos of war. Amorsolo channeled the harrowing moments into creative energy and captured history as it unfolded before his eyes.  The Maestro possessed a vivid visual memory and was able to re-create specific battle scenes in various media throughout the war years (1941 to 1945).  The act of repeating various scenes of the tragic war polished the painter’s skills both artistically and technically.  On record, Amorsolo had produced voluminous pencil sketches and drawings of the war protagonists, both local and foreign, as well as of ordinary folk, who were the victims of the conflict.


For inquiries and reservations:
CALL: 759 82 88

IMAGE DETAILS. Fernando Amorsolo. BOMBING OF THE INTENDENCIA (detail). 1942. Oil on canvas. 55.5 x 78.5 cm. Bank of the Philippine Islands Collection.


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