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Aiko Tezuka: Unraveling, Restoring


Ayala Museum and Galerie Michael Janssen present

Aiko Tezuka
Unraveling, Restoring

June 9 – July 19, 2015
Third Floor Exhibition Hall

Ayala Museum, in partnership with Galerie Michael Janssen Singapore, presents the unique exhibition Aiko Tezuka: Unraveling, Restoring from June 9 to July 19, 2015 at the Ayala Museum Third Floor Multi-purpose Hall.

Her work weaves a timeless narrative into fabrics, based on ancient Japanese, Indian, and Indonesian cultures, stories and symbols, ensuring that the presence of her work will be felt far beyond her time. Tezuka’s unique treatment of fabrics melds together the old world with the familiar and contemporary.  Currently based in Berlin, the artist has held solo exhibitions in Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany. Her recent works have been exhibited in Hermes, Singapore and Art Basel, Hong Kong, some of which are on display in Unraveling, Restoring.

Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1976, Aiko Tezuka was trained in painting, having graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 2001, and then completing a Master’s Degree in Painting at the same school in 2005. She then moved to Kyoto to complete her PhD, and to teach painting there until 2009. However, Tezuka gradually shifted to working primarily with textiles “because [she] could not find a new way to work in painting.”

Her intricate work consists of the deconstruction of everyday material, fabrics that she either finds or designs herself, which she then unravels and unpicks at specific areas to tell her story. According to the artist, “I am interested in loosening up these invisible narratives to unravel forgotten histories or discover new plotlines. Pervading my creative processes are techniques and rules that I have developed over time: untying and unwinding fabric, revealing its structure, juxtaposing time and place, to name but a few. I do not cut or paste, or add or subtract matter. By unravelling and recomposing the structures and stories hidden within the material, I try to capture overflowing time and the continuous process of metamorphosis.” (Aiko Tezuka, Berlin, January 2003)

Tezuka also spends plenty of time in Tilburg, Holland, where she has found a textile factory with a specialty loom that can create the types of fabrics she needs, with the designs that she creates.

Aiko Tezuka’s works demonstrate the artist’s concept of globalization and illustrate her Japanese roots combined with her westward understanding of art. Her ability to weave history into her fabrics enables her to mix cultures, stories, symbols, East and West all into a timeless narrative for the viewer to decipher, ensuring that the presence of her work will be felt far beyond her time.

For more information, email or call 759 82 88.

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