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The Diorama Experience

The Diorama Experience is an encounter with the dioramas of Philippine history that have been a prominent attraction of Ayala Museum since its completion in 1973. Carved by artisans from Paete, Laguna, the dioramas are unique achievements in woodcarving as well as in miniature painting and decoration. They depict sixty major events and themes in history, from prehistoric Philippines to the recognition of Philippine independence by the United States in 1946. The exhibit culminates with People Power, a multimedia presentation that chronicles significant events, including the tumultuous 1950s and the riotous martial law years, that led to the First EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986.

UPDATES: The joy of viewing the dioramas can now be experienced anytime, anywhere! As part of Ayala Museum’s participation in the international Google Art Project (now under the Google Cultural Institute), high resolution images of fifteen select dioramas have been uploaded to the web, which viewers at home can examine to the last detail. Ayala Museum is so far the only Philippine participant among more than 150 famous museums and galleries the world over. Visit the Dioramas @ Google Art Project!

As of July 11, 2013, thanks to the generosity of Power Mac Center, the Diorama Audio Guides are now available in rentable units of iPod touch! Click here to read more about this partnership

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