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Inspire Every Day!


The INSPIRE EVERY DAY campaign is Ayala Museum’s way of reminding our guests and the public to discover the power of art and history to inspire you, drive you, motivate you to get through the day.

As the Ayala Museum, with our sister company the Filipinas Heritage Library, we find that inspiration is our “currency”. The exhibits we mount, the activities we develop—for us, it’s not just about showing art, literature, and historical trivia. It’s all about gaining life lessons from these materials and stimulating them to do and see things differently whatever they do in their daily lives.

We hope this initiative also opens more people’s minds about museums and cultural institutions. The museum and library has as much to offer as the mall or the movies. It isn’t just for field trips or for the “artsy fartsy” crowd. It’s for people who like to look, to listen, to read, to experience, to connect, to engage—and that’s everyone, isn’t it?

Share with us not only feedback of your experience in the Ayala Museum and the Filipinas Heritage Library, but also what inspires you, how you became an inspiration to others today. Use the hashtag #InspireEveryDay on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts.

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Because we don’t believe that inspiration is this elusive thing that you have to wait for the arrival of. It can come to you, and it can also very well come from you.