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ART in Movement: Capoeira x Mural Making

In this 3-part workshop, learn the basics of Capoeira and mural making and incorporate its techniques in creating your live action painting.
This workshop is in partnership with Taverne · Gutenberg and Pébéo
20 October 2018 | 9AM-3PM
Workshop rates:
Php 1900 Regular
Php 1710 Discounted *
Php 1600 Group Rate *
Php 1520 PWD and Senior Rate
*Discounted rate is applicable for Ayala Museum members, AGC employees and ARC members
*Group rate is paid per head and is applicable if you are enrolling 2 or more participants
About Henri Lamy:
Henri Lamy is a french figurative painter, capoeirista and is one of the founders of Taverne Gutenburg, born in 1985. Seduced by the immediacy and spontaneity of the acrilyc, the quality of his work is enhanced by the lively colors and his expressive compositions, as well as the use of palette knife.
About Taverne Gutenberg:
The Taverne Gutenberg , is an association founded in Octobre 2015 which aims to create encounters between artists and the public. It is located in a three-story high building, in Lyon’s city centre. The project was founded by Henri Lamy (painter from Lyon), Maïa d’Aboville (interactive designer), joined by Mathilde Corbet (artist in charge of the studios), Guillaume Sénéchal (project coordinator), Romain Weber (artistic pro-grammer), Aurane Comte (communication), Pierre Paumier (production) and a team of dedicated volunteers. In only two years, the Taverne Gutenberg has curated dozens of exhibitions, and counts over 17 000 members.

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