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HANDOG: Gifts & Loans


On show until 30 September 2018

Based on the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Code of Ethics, Ayala Museum has the duty to acquire, preserve, and promote its collections as contribution to safeguarding the nation’s artistic and cultural heritage.  The museum’s collections are a significant public inheritance that have a special position in law, and are protected by international legislation.  As public trust, it is all about stewardship, involving trust, rightful ownership, permanence, documentation, accessibility, and responsible disposal, if needed.

HANDOG is the museum’s special exhibition offering that showcases objects of art that have been turned over to the museum through donations and long-term loans because of the full trust and confidence of the previous owners that these works will be well taken cared of and exhibited for public viewing.  At the same time, each of these pieces deserve to be part of the museum collection because of relevance of each in completing the story for Philippine arts and culture.


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