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History Ever After with Jennifer Hallock

Ayala Museum presents


History Ever After

Writing and Story Development with Jennifer Hallock


Friday, 24 February, 2017  | 2 – 5 PM
Ayala Museum

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Real history writes the best fiction in any genre. The unusual, precocious, and even dangerous heroes and heroines of real life are the ones who inspire us to start typing. But how do you write happily ever after when your audience knows the next war is just around the corner? How do you walk the line between romancing history and romanticizing it?

Join author and teacher Jennifer Hallock as she discusses how to develop historical fiction with authentic characters and believable conflict. With the help of Mina V. Esguerra of #romanceclass, Jennifer will answer questions about how she balances courtship and calamity in her Sugar Sun romance series, set in the Philippine-American War.

Jennifer Hallock is the author of the Sugar Sun series, historical romance set during the Philippine-American War. She has lived and worked in the Philippines, but she currently writes at her little brick house on a New England homestead—kept company by her husband, a growing flock of chickens, and a geriatric border collie mutt. She spends her days teaching history and her nights writing historical happily-ever-afters.

Before the internet made it easy, Jen worked as a fact-checker for several academic publications. She also researched and published an article on human trafficking for a peer-reviewed journal while a graduate student at  Georgetown University. These days she teaches generations of history students how to write research papers, and she has even helped a handful of these teenagers get their own work published.

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