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Jana Benitez: Life Force

ex-janaNew Frontiers is an exhibition program of Ayala Museum that provides the space and opportunity for the concept, production, and documentation of fresh and innovative issues and developments in Philippine contemporary work and provides a venue for its discourse and dialogue. The work featured and manner of presentation offer alternative perspectives to expand the museum exhibition experience. In 2010, New Frontiers introduced Olivia d’Aboville, whose art installation fused the tradition of craftsmanship with the contemporary use of utilitarian objects.

For the New Frontiers exhibition offering in 2014, Ayala Museum will display new work by Jana Benitez. Returning to the museum where she had her first solo exhibition as a twelve-year old artist prodigy in 1998, Benitez will unveil thirty-five new large-scale paintings. The exhibition display will incorporate the thinking and the creating that goes into the production of art. Consisting of random thoughts, sporadic notes, and visual references of the artist as she conjures imagery, the museum installation and environment juxtapose graphically both concept and process into backdrop and frame of the finished paintings to provide a comprehensive and compelling art encounter.

Photography is allowed in the gallery throughout the exhibition run. Guests are encouraged to use the official hashtag: #jana_lifeforce2014.

New Frontiers – Jana Benitez: Life Force will run at the Ayala Museum Ground Floor Gallery from July 15 to August 31, 2014 and is supported by exhibition partner Del Monte Philippines, Inc. Additional support  is provided by Mercedes-Benz Philippines. For more information, email or call (632) 759 82 88.

Image details. Jana Benitez. ANCIENT FRIENDS (DETAILS). 2014. 36 x 48 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

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