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Embroidered Multiples

The exhibition features selections from the Leiden National Museum of Ethnology’s collection of Philippine garments acquired from the French diplomat Brejard, who served in Manila from 1881 to 1886. The collection includes rare, embroidered silk trousers or sayasaya worn by Philippine elite men, formerly known only through nineteenth-century watercolor images. Multiple examples of delicately embroidered nipis blouses provide a lexicon of decorative techniques including relief embroidery, calado openwork, and supplementary weft or suksuk, as well as the changing silhouette of women’s fashion. This unprecedented five-year loan of the Brejard collection is enhanced by a generous ten-year loan from the private collection of Rina Ortiz, which includes heirloom garments formerly in the Pardo de Tavera collection.

The exhibition is presented in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Embassy and supported in part by Unilever Philippines, Shell companies in the Philippines, and Philips Electronics & Lighting, Inc.

Exhibition curator: Florina H. Capistrano-Baker, Ph.D.

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